The idea of orchestrating a sequel to 1994TU has always sort of been in my head ever since I played it and finished it, but of course, this was back when I was still just starting to get back into the groove of mapping back in 2016 or so. Thankfully, by the grace of the powers that be, both Snarboo and Traversd have graciously allowed me to take on the mantle of making such a thing happen and now the 1995 Tune Up Project officially has the greenlight! This, for me, is equal parts exciting and terrifying since this is the first time I've ever led any sort of project like this, so apologies for any sloppiness in that regard. I will do the best I can to make sure things go smoothly and most importantly that everyone involved has fun with this. I don't plan for this project to be a 24/7 workload or anything like that, so please don't feel pressured about anything going in if you wish to participate. This is going to be as free-form as I can make it and I want you guys to have a good time! However, there are a few per-requisites and understandings that I need to convey:

As far as any kind of strict rules go, the biggest and most important ones are this:

  1. When searching for and selecting a map, make absolutely sure that the original wad author has given permission for their work to be redistributed or modified. I intend to 100% respect the wishes of the original authors and if they say they'd rather not have their creation be changed in any way, look for another map. The easiest way to find the permissions for these maps is to go onto the /idgames archive and read through the attached .txt at the very bottom. It should be near the bottom of the .txt file itself. If you aren't sure about it, you can always run it by me and I will tell you if it's eligible. WE WILL STILL BE CREDITING THE ORIGINAL AUTHORS IN OUR REMAKES.
  2. 1995 will be the hard cut-off date for wad selection. Anything past this year will not be eligible for a remake. The reason I chose this date was because I feel like 1995 was the last true "pioneering" age of Doom mapping.
  3. We will be using the original maps as a base reference, but every map should be completely made from scratch, from the ground up.
  4. If you plan on participating and want to claim a map slot, please have a map already chosen for you to work on before doing so. This is so we don't have too many people sitting in mapslots without anything to do.
  5. If you found a map you'd like to claim, please make sure that that map has not already been claimed by someone else. Claiming a map will be on a "first come first serve" basis, so if someone has already claimed it before you have, you will have to find another one. I will try to keep this as fair as I can.